This is about me and some of my interests!

 I was born a premature twin baby in February 1969. My twin sister only lived one day of life and passed away! I grew up in a family of 6 brothers and 2 sisters. My mom was the only parent around when we were all younger. My dad abandoned our family when I was just a young kid growing up in a trailer park in the late 70’s. I was truly devastated.

As a young teenager growing up in the early 80’s was truly a fun and exciting time for me. I went to a private Lutheran school (junior high). Spiritually this would be the first time I allowed God into my heart & soul. I felt safe and secure as a young teenager knowing that God was there following and protecting me from the elements of life. I kept busy with homework and sports programs. The reality of life was very stressful at such a young age; I realized life was definitely not perfect! The only real discipline I had derived from school administration and officials.

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